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Enabling secure digital document delivery

Payreq Direct

Payreq Direct provides an easy on-ramp for billers and mailers to use epost™ online billing and document delivery service.

Payreq Direct makes connecting to epost™ simple, quick and easy


If you can create a document, you can use epost™ by Canada Post using Payreq Direct.

Quick to Connect

Payreq can easily be configured to match your processes and system with no technical resources required.

Easy to Use

Using Payreq’s console, you can manage and operate all aspects of epost™.

How it Works

Payreq provides an easy on-ramp for billers and mailers to use epost™ online billing and document delivery service. The epost™ system automatically sends your customers reminders to pay through their bank or credit union’s online banking system or directly with Canada Post.

  • Mailer or Biller
  • PayReq
  • Epost
  • Receiver or Payer

Lower Cost Of Ownership

By delivering your bills and documents via epost™, you’ll benefit from a powerful existing platform, eliminating the need to incur the costs of building, developing and launching an e-service solution. Because Canada Post manages and maintains epost™, there are no ongoing maintenance costs. Unlike other solutions, epost™ does not require you maintain an email address database. With Payreq, your company can be live with epost™ in under four weeks.

Operational Efficiencies

epost™ delivers documents to your customers within 24 hours. Customers can view digital documents, set a payment reminder, link to online banking to make payments, and store documents securely for up to seven years free of charge – eliminating the need for you to handle reprint requests. Billers and mailers can include inserts with digital documents, and can instantly retrieve a digital copy of any document delivered to a customer through the Payreq console. Billers and mailers also receive confirmation of delivery and details for any undelivered items.

Operational Savings

Customers who receive their bills online are more likely to pay their bills faster using electronic payment. This means that billers will benefit from reduced payment processing costs and accounts receivable, as well as improved cash flow. epost™ provides users flexible options for their customers to access their bills and statements: on, their own online banking site, or from any device with Canada Post’s free mobile app. epost™ also provides call centre, online and live chat customer support in English and French, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Payreq can help you by providing you a wholesale delivery channel to epost™. Why invest considerable time and resources in developing your own epost™ integration? Payreq can simply and easily integrate with epost™ and allow you to compete with other mailhouses today.

Who We Are

Payreq is a certified Channel Partner of epost™. Payreq is a global specialist in securely connecting billers and mailers to digital document delivery platforms.